SIRIUS Shipping was founded by the Backman family, on time-honoured Donsö, in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The island has a long history of maritime commerce and shipping where Sirius plays a leading role.

Despite its profound expertise and deep roots in traditional shipping, the company has always had the courage to think and act differently. We encourage our employees to seek out items for improvement to create even more efficient, safe and eco-friendly transport. For by questioning ourselves we can become even better. By never being satisfied and always trying to reach further, we can boost our customers’ capacity and business. These are things worth fighting for.

Our fleet of modern tankers, skilled management, well-trained staff and a close cooperation between the ships and the shore organization, Sirius Shipping has earned a reputation as an effective partner and reliable shipping supplier.

Sirius Shipping is ready for any challenge. Today and tomorrow.