We want our customers to achieve more.

We believe in shipping and are proud to offer safe, efficient transport with minimal impact on the sensitive environment in which we work. We want to boost your capacity and help you achieve more every time you work together with us.

Therefore, we constantly strive to be better. We encourage all of our employees to seek out things for improvement, methods that can make us more efficient and ideas that can move us and our customers forward. We don’t just go with the flow, we take an active part and drive progress forward. Perfection might well be unattainable, but we will never stop trying…

Our vision

  • To be a leading operator of tankers in north Europe
  • To be the customers first choice
  • Provide energy efficient transportation with a fleet that meets and where possible, exceeds the highest standards for efficiency and sustainability.
  • Reach goal zero

Our mission

  • Always serve the customers with the best and highest efficiency
  • Meet the customers’ requirements and to be one step ahead
  • Provide business with safety and environmental excellence
  • Continuous improvement

Reaching further

Sirius constantly strive to become better. All employees are encouraged to seek out things for improvement, methods that can make the operation both more efficient and sustainable and ideas that can move both Sirius and customers forward. Continuous improvement of operations and procedures, compliance with these procedures and other applicable regulations and follow up of company performance will ensure that the company is true to above mission statement and that Sirius moves in the right direction toward the vision set for the company. Sirius is committed to the maritime partners in safety programme. By participating and sharing best practice material Sirius aim to collectively carry the programme forward in order to drive mental wellbeing, safety performance and desired behaviours with progress towards achieving a zero incidents industry.