Sirius Shipping performs safe and efficient transports of oil, chemical and LNG cargos in northern Europe.

When you use our modern and well-maintained oil/product and LNG tankers, you can be confident that your cargo will arrive safely and on time. Our investments in sustainable shipping also ensure that transporting your cargo will have a minimal impact on the environment. A partnership with Sirius Shipping is a long-term relationship that offers transparency and the highest level of service. We have made a name for ourselves as highly customer-orientated and we fully understand that our present and future business depends on our good reputation.

We will do our utmost to meet and exceed your highest expectations and we are confident that you will be satisfied. The people of Sirius Shipping are highly trained professionals, handpicked for the job. They are well aware of their importance and how their work reflects on the company. Expertise is well embedded throughout the company, our culture, work ethic and operational performance. This has put us in the forefront of tanker shipping in Europe and we intend to stay there; but now with two strings to our bow – oil/chemical-tankers and LNG-tankers.