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100% Swedish

Today the last Danish vessel changed its flag to the Swedish flag

Today the last Danish vessel, SCORPIUS changed its flag to Swedish flag. This finalizes the massive step that Sirius Shipping have taken, during the last three months 9 vessels have changed its flag to Swedish. In addition to this, the newbuilding SATURNUS hoisted the Swedish flag upon the delivery. Together with Mercurius that will be delivered in 2019 Q1 this concludes a total of 11 vessels that have entered into the Swedish registry.

Following vessels have changed from Danish to Swedish flag:

  1. Nimbus 2018-09-28
  2. Neptunus 2018-10-08
  3. Lexus 2018-10-10
  4. Nautilus 2018-10-11
  5. Marinus 2018-10-16
  6. Lotus 2018-11-06
  7. Tellus 2018-11-09
  8. Olympus 2018-11-16
  9. Saturnus 2018-11-22
  10. Scorpius 2018-12-06
  11. Mercurius 2019 Q1

With a fleet of 14 Swedish vessels Sirius Shipping is ready to meet every costumers need.

Job well done.