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Duo Complete – Mercurius delivered

On the 28th of January Sirius took delivery of the second vessel in the Evolution concept series from Avic Dingheng in China

The Evolution concept is a combination of the best possible hydrodynamic ship design and a slow speed two stroke diesel engine which ensures that the Evolution vessels will be considerably more fuel efficient than any other delivered tanker of this size. In addition to exceptional fuel efficiency other green investments have been made in emission control in the Evolution concept. The Evolution vessels are equipped with HPSCR and Catamiser that have a substantial impact on the CO2 emissions and reduces the Nox emissions to below 2 g nox/ kWh. This means that the Evolution vessels qualify for the highest environmental classification with regards to the Swedish fairway due system, just to give one example. The Evolution vessels are also prepared for LNG propulsion to meet future environmental demands.

Just like the sister vessel Saturnus, delivered in the end of 2018, Mercurius is an advanced product/ chemical tanker of the highest quality built at the Avic Dingheng shipyard. The working environment onboard will ensure safe and efficient operations as well as smart and modern accommodation for the crew.

Mercurius will, as the rest of the Sirius Fleet, have Swedish flag and home port Donsö where Sirius Shipping is located. The vessel will after the delivery enter into a time charter contract for Preem and serve the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian markets. Preem is committed to drive the transition towards a sustainable society. “We are confident that Mercurius will fulfill the customers’ high environmental requirements and look forward to partnering with Preem for the future” says Jonas Backman, MD Sirius Shipping.

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