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EVOLUTION 7999 DWT – Two new vessels ordered

Sirius has placed an order for two 7999 dwt oil/chemical tankers with AVIC Dingheng Shipyard for delivery in 2018.


The ICE class 1A vessels will be equipped with the latest technology and comply with the future regulations, such as TIER III etc.

The design was developed in a collaboration between Sirius and FKAB, based on a proven hull design and fuel consumption. With this knowledge in hand, the vessel will be more optimized to become the most efficient vessel in its segment. LNG Ready – The vessel is designed with a two-stroke main engine that is compatible for conversion to run on LNG. Deck strength and stability are designed so that two LNG tanks can be mounted on deck. The ship’s engines will be equipped with exhaust gas cleaning – HPSCR for the main engine and a Catamiser for the auxiliary engines – keeping the NOx level to be below 2g/kWh.


• NOx emissions below 2 g/kWh, SCR for both ME and auxiliary engines
• Main engine, deck strength and stability are ready for installation of 2 × 200 m³ LNG type-C tanks and the vessel can run on LNG:
• Hull design with low friction
• 2-stroke propulsion with low losses
• Bio-type products for lube & grease
• Propulsion redundancy (transversal and retractable bow thruster)
• Reduced CO2 emissions (Catamiser)
• Max air draught 26 meters.

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