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ISO 14001 Certified

Sirius Shipping AB = ISO 14001

Sirius Shipping is now certified within the ISO 14001 system. This is another important step for Sirius to achieve the environmental goals set out within the company, locally and globally.

“A continuation in our environmental effort to reduce our emissions and improve our climate adaptation.” Daniel Backman, COO.

Since 2010 we have invested in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to reduce the NOx emissions in a total of 5 vessels:
Olympus SCR 2010
Nimbus SCR 2012
Coralius LNG propulsion 2017
Saturnus SCR 2018
Mercurius SCR 2019

Sirius is also a part of the LNG infrastructure and performed the first LNG ship-to-shop bunkering in the world in 2013, with the vessel Seagas.
And since 2017 our second LNG bunker vessel, Coralius, have performed offshore LNG bunkering in the north European are.
As of today the total LNG bunker operations performed by Sirius are close to 3000 times.

Sirius will always continue developing and investing in environmental improvements.