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Naming ceremony of Saturnus and Mercurius

The naming ceremony for Saturnus and Mercurius was held at the building shipyard AVIC Dingheng on the 2018-10-20.

Representatives from all of Sirius Shipping was there, also representatives from Godmothers, banks, oil companies, AVIC, site team and class society.

The godmother for Saturnus is the mother of Jonas, Daniel and Anders Backman, seen to the right, cutting the ceremonial tape and naming the vessel Saturnus. Saturnus will after delivery enter into a time charter for ESSO Norway, trading on the Norwegian coast. The soon to be delivered Saturnus is the third vessel in Sirius Shipping with the same name.

The godmother for Mercurius is Malin Berntsson, daughter of Lars Berntsson, seen to the left. Malin cut the ceremonial tape and named the vessel Mercurius. Mercurius will after delivery in early 2019 enter at time charter for PREEM, trading along the geographical area of Sweden.