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Saturnus delivered

On the 22nd of November we at Sirius took delivery of the first vessel in the Evolution concept from Avic Dingheng in China.

The work to develop the Evolution concept started six years ago with the purpose to develop a vessel design where the entire underwater body, hull, rudder and propeller would be designed and chosen to obtain the best possible hydrodynamic shipdesign. In combination with a slow speed two stroke diesel engine the Evolution vessels will be considerably more fuel efficient than any other delivered tanker this size.

Standing here today on the day of delivery we can conclude that our objectives with the evolution concept has been fulfilled says Jonas Backman, MD Sirius Shipping AB. The ship design in combination with the engine type makes for a very fuel efficient ship that offers both environmental and financial benefits.

Efficiency, sustainability and long term objectives are key points for the Evolution concept. In addition to exceptional fuel efficiency and biodegradable lube oils, green investments have been made in emission control. The vessel is equipped with HPSCR and Catamiser that have a substantial impact on the CO2 emission and reduces the Nox emissions to below 2 g nox/ kWh. This means that the Evolution vessels qualifies for the highest environmental classification with regards to the Swedish fairway due system, just to give one example.

“Reach further with Sirius” has been the theme for this newbuilding project. Sirius has, together with leading oil companies, developed the Evolution vessel with the aim to build a vessel that fulfills the customers’ requirements, in terms of both capacity and the environmental impact. The goal has been to create the most efficient logistical solution for the customer and I think that this goal has been achieved, says Jonas Backman. Saturnus will after the delivery enter into a time charter contract for Esso Norway and will be trading along the Norwegian coast.


The Evolution vessels are also designed with an engine prepared for LNG operation to meet future environmental demands. Preparations in terms of stability and deck enforcement have also been made for fitting two LNG tanks onboard.

The Avic Dingheng shipyard has become somewhat of an expert when it comes to building advanced product/ chemical tankers with the highest quality and this is also the case for the Evolution vessels. Jonas Backman is very confident that the crew onboard Saturnus will be very happy with the vessel that offers high quality interiors and smart layout. Both the engine room and the deck area have been designed to offer the best possible working environment for the crew onboard and this will ensure both safe and efficient operations.

Saturnus will join the rest of the Sirius fleet under Swedish flag and homeport will be Donsö, where the family owned Sirius Shipping is located.

The management would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Sirius organization and all who have made this next step in our company possible!