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Sirius have sold the vessel Marinus after 15 years in service within the Sirius group.

Marinus was purchased in 2006 and has since then been a part of the Sirius Chartering commercial system and will also manage her until the delivery to the new owners.

“The sale of Marinus will ensure future investments within the energy transport sector for the Sirius Group. Investments will be sustainable and comply and exceed both the environmental and social objectives set out by Sirius.” – Jonas Backman MD.

Marinus was delivered on 2021-11-05 to the new owners: Ecofighter Shipping S.A.
A company group that Sirius have previously sold 2 other vessels to and Marinus will be the third vessel.

The broker responsible for the marketing and sale of Marinus was Grieg Shipbrokers Norway. Sirius have a long relationship with Grieg and are very satisfied with their service and expertise.

From Sirius, we want to wholeheartedly thank the crew onboard Marinus for keeping the vessel in the top condition that Marinus is in. – Thank you!

Also to the colleagues within the whole shore organization at Sirius Shipping, Sirius Chartering, Vald. Andersons Shipagency and Vald. Andersons Logistics. – Thank you!