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Duo Complete – Mercurius delivered

On the 28th of January Sirius took delivery of the second vessel in the Evolution concept series from Avic Dingheng in China The Evolution concept…

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Saturnus delivered

On the 22nd of November we at Sirius took delivery of the first vessel in the Evolution concept from Avic Dingheng in China. The work…

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Naming ceremony of Saturnus and Mercurius

The naming ceremony for Saturnus and Mercurius was held at the building shipyard AVIC Dingheng on the 2018-10-20. Representatives from all of Sirius Shipping was…

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Saturnus launched at AVIC

Launching of Saturnus Our first vessel in the Evolution series was launched today at AVIC Dingheng shipyard. We can now see the vessel in the…

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Keel laying ceremony of Mercurius

Keel laying of Mercurius, AD0031, the second EVOLUTION vessel. On the 27th of April in 2018, the keel was laid for Sirius Shipping’s new vessel…

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Steel Cutting ceremony at AVIC Dingheng

This Tuesday, 2017-08-15, the steel cutting ceremony of Sirius Shipping’s newbuilding from the Evolution 7999 DWT series hull #0030 was held. The Evolution 7999 DWT…

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