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100% Swedish

Today the last Danish vessel changed its flag to the Swedish flag Today the last Danish vessel, SCORPIUS changed its flag to Swedish flag. This…

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Saturnus delivered

On the 22nd of November we at Sirius took delivery of the first vessel in the Evolution concept from Avic Dingheng in China. The work…

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Naming ceremony of Saturnus and Mercurius

The naming ceremony for Saturnus and Mercurius was held at the building shipyard AVIC Dingheng on the 2018-10-20. Representatives from all of Sirius Shipping was…

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Neptunus flagged Swedish

Neptunus flagged Swedish Today at 12:00, the second vessel entered the Swedish register. Two down and nine to go. We want to thank the crew…

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First of Eleven

Nimbus flagged Swedish Today at 12:00, Nimbus hoisted the Swedish flag. Nimbus will be the first of 11 vessels that will be flagged in by…

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